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R&D Center

The R&D Center of DooSung Industry has been ceaselessly striving to realize zero-defect quality and customer satisfaction since its foundation in 1991 based on sufficient manufacturing technology for refrigeration components. It takes the initiative in research development to realize customer satisfaction and zero-defect quality with advanced equipment and a swift response to customers’ needs and requirements.

R&D Theme

IPC (Ideal Production Cost) DA Activity(Design Approach), GS Activity(Global Sourcing), RA Activity(Research Approach)
Zero-Defect Quality
Customer Satisfaction
Leading Cost
Global Sourcing
Twice Faster Productivity Compared to Rival Companies
IPC (Ideal Production Cost)
Simple Design and Proper Component Selection by Quantity
Quick Response
Eco-Friendly Parts Production through thorough verification of XRF

R&D Center of DooSung Industry
responds quickly to changes in the refrigeration market based on 20 years of experience and know-how in refrigeration component production. It is also seeking constant progress under the four themes of C L S E, which stands for Competitive manufacturing price, Low defect quality, Swift response, and Eco-friendly parts. It puts a priority on communication with customers and strives to rise to research and development challenges for next-generation technologies for mutual growth.